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  • Victoria W.

From Fur Baby to Baby: Managing Your Pet's Changes During Pregnancy

Becoming pregnant is a significant change in a woman's life, and it can also affect the lives of her pets. As a pet owner, it's essential to understand how pregnancy can impact your furry friend and take steps to help them adjust to the new situation.

Here are some ways that pets may change when their owner becomes pregnant, and how to prepare for them:

  1. Increased sensitivity and attention: Dogs and cats may become more sensitive and attentive to their owner's needs. This behavior is due to their protective nature and desire to be close to their owner.

  2. Behavioral changes: Pregnancy can cause behavioral changes in pets, such as increased aggression or anxiety, or changes in sleeping and eating patterns.

  3. Health issues: Pets may experience health issues when their owner becomes pregnant, including skin allergies, digestive problems, and weight gain due to decreased activity levels.

  4. Reduced attention: Pets may become less attentive to their owner's needs due to feeling neglected or sensing that something is changing in the household.

  5. Attachment to the unborn baby: Some pets may become attached to the unborn baby during pregnancy, such as licking or nuzzling the belly.

To help your pet adjust to the changes, here are some tips:

  1. Prepare early: Start preparing your pet for the changes that are coming as early as possible, such as new routines and schedules.

  2. Get your pet used to new smells: Use baby lotion or powder on yourself and bring home a baby blanket for your pet to smell.

  3. Include your pet in the process: Involve your pet in the process of preparing for the baby, such as taking them to baby classes.

  4. Reward good behavior: Reward your pet with treats or affection when they exhibit good behavior.

In conclusion, by understanding how pregnancy can impact pets and taking steps to help them adjust, pet owners can ensure their furry friends continue to be loving companions during and after pregnancy.

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