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Embracing Parenthood: From Ultrasound Studio Owners to Community Builders at Space to Play EG

Hey there, lovely readers! It's Morgan and Vernell Crittendon here, excited to share our journey with you. Buckle up because it's been quite the adventure!

Fifteen years ago, we embarked on this beautiful journey together, starting in the Bay Area and eventually finding our home in Elk Grove. But before settling down, we've had quite the adventure. From building a tiny house on wheels to working as cattle ranchers in Texas, and even living it up in Miami, we've seen our fair share of the world.

Fast forward to today, and we're proud parents to two adorable little girls, Sarabi and Jovi, ages 3 and 4. If you've ever visited Next Generation Prenatal Imaging in its early days, you might remember seeing Jovi strapped to my chest while I performed ultrasound exams. Those were the days!

For the past three years, we've had the honor of serving the Elk Grove community as owners of Next Generation Prenatal Imaging. Our mission? To redefine the pregnancy experience. We wanted to transform what's often seen as a clinical and cold process into something warm, intimate, and joyful.

Our space isn't just a facility; it's a studio. And the expectant parents we serve aren't just patients; they're our clients—our community. We're here to support them through one of the most magical moments of their lives.

But our journey didn't stop there. Alongside running Next Generation, I (Morgan) became a birth doula and a friend to many in our community. It was during this time that I noticed a common need among mothers post-birth—a need to connect, to be seen, and to be heard.

So, we decided to expand our horizons and opened Space to Play EG—an indoor playroom just around the corner from our ultrasound facility. Our vision for Space to Play is simple: to create a space where parents can come together, support one another, and watch their children thrive.

Space to Play EG isn't just here for the easy days and cute moments—although we absolutely cherish those too. We're here for the hard days, the frustrating moments, and the spirited children who thrive on risky play. We welcome the moms and dads who are okay with letting their little ones explore and push boundaries.

We understand that parenting isn't always smooth sailing. It's okay to have meltdowns, and it's okay to laugh through the chaos. Space to Play EG is here to support you through it all. Whether you've been up all night with a crying baby or your toddler is bouncing off the walls with endless energy, we're here to nurture you and provide a safe haven.

Conflict among toddlers? Yep, we've been there too. But we believe that these moments are normal and valuable for growth. That's why we're here to offer a supportive environment where like-minded parents can come together, share their experiences, and work through those challenging moments together.

And let's not forget about the little ones with the big imaginations. Space to Play EG is a place where creativity knows no bounds. From building towering block structures to staging epic pretend play adventures, we celebrate the magic of childhood and encourage every child to dream big.

So, whether you're seeking solace during the tough times or simply looking for a space to let your little one's imagination run wild, Space to Play EG is here for you. Welcome to our community—where every moment, both the highs and the lows, is embraced with open arms.

Ready to join us? Visit Space to Play EG to learn more and become a part of our growing family.

Let's make memories together!

With love, Morgan and Vernell ✨

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